Brief History


            For rendering the Meteorological services to the general public of the states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh & Punjab and Union Territory of Chandigarh and the concerned departments of Central and State Governments like Agriculture, Irrigation, Power, Flood Control, Relief and Rehabilitation, Roadways and Railways etc.,  Meteorological Centre, Chandigarh was established in 1980 in a rented accommodation at SCO No. 2455-56 1st Floor, Sector 22-C Chandigarh and it started functioning with effect from 1st January, 1982 for providing Non Aviation Weather Forecast  and Local Forecast for Chandigarh and its neighboring area and other meteorological services to the various users.  It started Agro-meteorological Advisory services to the farmers of Hayrana and Punjab states in 1985.


            Due to non availability of space, this office has no observatory of its own and uses the observational data of IAF meteorological observatory installed at IAF Aerodrome, Chandigarh.  However, Meteorological Centre, Chandigarh has acquired a piece of land measuring about 1.4 Acres in Sector 39-C, Chandigarh for construction of its office building, Meteorological Observatory and residential quarters.



Main Functions and services


1.    Surface and upper air data of various meteorological observatories are collected through T/P circuits or on telephone and transmitted the same to the Head Quarter at New Delhi.


2.    The surface and upper air meteorological data of various stations of India and neighbourhood received is plotted on the various weather charts four times a day and analysed the same for issuing the weather forecast.


3.    General Weather bulletins consisting of weather summary, special warning for various government and public authorities, weather forecast (rainfall/snowfall/ dust storms, thunderstorms,  hailstorms and thunder squalls etc) and adverse weather warning (heavy rainfall/snowfall, low or high temperatures, frost and strong winds etc.) are issued regularly and sent to Akashwani Jalandhar, Rohtak and Shimla once a day  for broadcast for the general public.


4.    Farmerís Weather Bulletins consisting weather forecast (rainfall/snowfall, dust storms, thunderstorms, hailstorms, and thunder squalls etc.) adverse weather warning (heavy rainfall/snowfall, low or high temperatures, frost and strong winds etc.) and outlook for the next consequent two days are issued regularly twice a day and sent to Akashwani Jalandhar, Kurukshetra (once a day), Rohtak and Shimla for broadcast for the farmers.